Get a Peek at a Bear Sack in the 'Paddington' Teaser

March 4, 2014


As we've learned time and time again over the last decade, when a childhood-beloved talking animal is transformed into a CGI-meets-real-world monstrosity, that is how Satan brings his unholy armies onto the earthly plane in order to drive us mad. But, for our sanity's sake, hopefully that won't be the case for Paddington. Though the film fits the mold of CGI fur + celebrity voice + some actual people, it may prove itself a cut above any squeakquels thanks to the talent involved. It's written and directed by Paul King, director of such surreal and enjoyable British comedies as Bunny and the Bull and The Mighty Boosh. Plus, Colin Firth is voicing Paddington, and if you're going to get a star to voice a duffel coat-wearing bear that likes marmalade, Firth seems extremely correct. Here's the first teaser:

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