God To Continue Longevity Across Whole 'God's Not Dead' Series

March 28, 2014


As assured by God's Not Dead, God's not dead, and as usual, neither is any film franchise so long as it's making money. And so, like they did with Left Behind and the Old Testament, Christian producers are making a sequel to continue the tale of God not being dead.

Speaking to Glenn Beck's The Blaze (via), Pure Flix Entertainment CEO Russell Wolfe apparently revealed that he's working on expanding the God's Not Dead brand into a series. Something has to compete against The First Phone Call from Heaven.

It's not yet clear where the series will take the story, as the original already proved its ironclad thesis that God is not dead. Maybe next time it kind of sets it up like God is dead, and you see a headstone with "God" on it, and there are a bunch of mourners at a funeral. But then you see Dean Cain at a little European cafe, and there's the big reveal that God is still not dead, and he's having drinks with Kevin Sorbo.

Or maybe he just ends up being really small?

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