'Hateship Loveship' Trailer: Teenage Girls Are Cruel, Especially to Kristen Wiig

March 12, 2014


For those looking for the most depressing and indie version of Mary Poppins available, here's the trailer for Hateship Loveship. Kristen Wiig stars as nanny whose face is in a constant state of sheepish, strained unease. Her fixed expression is something between asking someone to prom and trying to keep down a friend's terrible cooking. She's hired on to help tend to True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld, who here continues her tradition of being left in the care of weather-beaten, unintelligible old man: she's in the custody of grandpa Nick Nolte, leaving father Guy Pearce to go off to Chicago and have a drug problem.

It's the romance between Wiig and Pearce that seems to be the centerpiece here--or more so, the issue of that romance being a heart-crushing work of teenage fiction. While Wiig thinks she's having an increasingly-personal correspondence with the estranged dad, it turns out it's just Steinfeld and her friend sending the emails to fuck with her. It's a cruel bit of nanny deception indeed, but still probably not the most shocking. Because remember that time it turned out Sally Field's elderly British nanny was Robin Williams?

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