Jason Sudeikis Will Be Your New Fletch

March 11, 2014


With the National Lampoon's Vacation remake delayed indefinitely, Warner Bros. has been forced to find a new way to replace Chevy Chase by casting Jason Sudeikis as the new Fletch. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the We're the Millers star and former SNLer is taking over the role of I. M. Fletcher for Fletch Won, the first of a new planned franchise based on Gregory McDonald's mystery novels. Chevy Chase originally played the wise-ass, oft-incognito journalist in Fletch and Fletch Lives, but Sudeikis won't be the first attached to the role since; talk of a follow-up has been going since the '90s, with Jason Lee, Zach Braff, and Joshua Jackson all once rumored to take on the iconic part. So if you've got a problem with Sudeikis succeeding Chase, just keep in mind: could have been Pacey from Dawson's Creek.

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