'Lego Movie' Guys Might Direct 'Ghostbusters'

March 20, 2014


With Ivan Reitman yesterday departing Ghostbusters 3's director's chair, Sony is reportedly now in talks to hire on Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and have them do that thing they do where they turn an ill-fated, brand-based property into something shockingly good. The news marks the first positive development in the film's gloomy history, which by choice and/or tragedy lost the participation of Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, and most recently even the director of My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Lord and Miller have a history of salvaging the unsalvageable: they turned the picture book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs into a vast and hugely entertaining film. They made an '80s series about undercover high school cops into a comedy far funnier than it had any right to be. They did The Lego Movie, man.

Of course, scoop-bringer Nikki Finke has yet to earn her toldja moment on this one. This may still not happen, and even if it does, given how long it's taken for Sony to find a script everyone can agree on, it's unclear how much freedom the directing duo would given to work their impossible magic. Still, given the huge river of negativity that's been long flowing underneath Ghostbusters 3, this news at least sounds like the first few uplifting notes of Jackie Wilson.

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