'Let's Be Cops' Trailer: Jake Johnson and Damon Wayons Jr. Try Out the Steamy Lives of Police

March 25, 2014


If you take recent episodes of New Girl and replace two-thirds of the cast with Bad Boys-style two-shots, here is what you get: Let's Be Cops! The comedy stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. as struggling actors who start wearing cop costumes around, and eventually start driving around in a police cruiser. Naturally, that gets them confused for real police, thus allowing them to live the sexy lives of policemen, sleeping with all the hot and horny 20-somethings cops are known for sleeping with whenever they get a call. Inevitably, they also get pulled into some real criminal shit and end up getting into some actual police work after all. Dress for the job you want, right, Zoey Deschanel's friends?

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