Liam Neeson Snarls and Shoots His Way to the Top of the Box Office Again

March 3, 2014


Your weekend box office

1. Non-Stop - Taking down the Christian film Son of God with a $30 million opening, Non-Stop reminds us that the truest Trinity of our age is Liam Neeson, a cell phone, and a handgun.

2. Son of God - Though it was just an trimmed down version of History Channel's The Bible miniseries, it still managed a $26.5 million debut thanks to the addition of new, deleted scenes too hot for TV.

3. The Lego Movie - $21 million, making this the first film of the year to hit $200 million domestic.

4. The Monuments Men - $5 million. And did you realize Clooney & Friends is currently the US's third highest grosser of 2014?

5. 3 Days to Kill - $4.9 million. And did you realize 3 Days to Kill is a Kevin Costner movie?

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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