'Lindsay' Trailer: The Self-Pitying Frost/Nixon of Lindsay Lohan and Oprah, Probably

March 5, 2014


As she plainly states in this trailer, Lindsay Lohan has pretty much done it all, giving her a world-weariness to match her well-wearied face. She's already had all the drinks she could want. She's been to every party and hung out with every celebrity. She's appeared in every fifth Scary Movie. What's left for her?

Thankfully, this trailer also answers that: what's left is a navel-gazing documentary series building to an Oprah intervention. In the OWN "docu-series" Lindsay, By the People: The Election of Barack Obama documentarian Amy Rice follows Lohan around with a camera crew as The Parent Trap introspects, cries, and meets with her terrible family. Meanwhile, an SUV is en route to deploy emergency reserves of Oprah's tough love and soulful compassion. It's like Herbie: Fully Loaded, only now Oprah is the part of the car that's vaguely sentient.

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