Mel Gibson Getting His Own 'Taken' That Isn't 'Ransom'

March 28, 2014


Now 18 years since he first barked threats in a phone to get his kid back, Mel Gibson will return to the task of nearly making Taken by starring in the latest of our Taken clones. Deadline reports that the Ransom star is in talks for the lead in Blood Father (how on-the-nose!), an action-thriller to be directed by Assault on Precinct 13 remaker Jean-François Richet. Marrying Taken with fellow Taken derivative Stolen, the script from The Town writer Peter Craig sees an ex-con dad reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter by protecting her from the drug dealers out to kill her.

Shame of it is, what we should really be doing is just adding Mel Gibson to Taken itself. We already know that works:

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