Peter Dinklage To Play Billy Mitchell to Kevin James's POTUS

March 28, 2014


Peter Dinklage will play a King of Kong Billy Mitchell-type to Kevin James's President of the United States in Pixels, the first Adam Sandler comedy to feature a role range as broad as its jokes. THR brings news that Dinklage is in talks to join the Chris Columbus-directed film as "a former Donkey Kong and Space Invaders champion who is a loudmouth."

The trade also brings light to new levels of preposterousness in the plot, which already is known to feature 8-bit video game characters invading Earth. Even less fathomably, the film apparently also sees Kevin James ascend from mere borough monarch to fucking President of the United States. And when the pixelated invasion forces come, Paul Blart: World Leader for some reason enlists the help of his childhood pals--played by Sandler and somehow Josh Gad, even though Gad wasn't even born until his "childhood pals" were leaving middle school. But least believable of all? That there still isn't a hint Sandler will work a disproportionately-attractive wife and vacation setting into this thing.

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