Ryan Gosling To Move Throngs of Women with Busby Berkeley Biopic

March 20, 2014


Ryan Gosling will reportedly be like, "Hey, girl, you want to form a kaleidoscopic overhead pattern through choreographed dance?" for Warner Bros.' Busby Berkeley film. THR reports Gos will produce and likely star in a biopic about the golden age director and choreographer, known for his elaborate showgirl numbers that made the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom opening look like a bunch of turds swirling around a toilet. He was also married six times and involved in cases ranging from an alienation of affections lawsuit to a second-degree murder trial.

Gosling is producing with his Drive producer Marc Platt, who knows a few things about musicals, having produced Broadway's Wicked and Disney's Into the Woods adaptation. Not that Gosling is any slouch when it comes to choreographed dance:

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