'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' Trailer Appears To Be Correct

March 6, 2014


There's no telling how Sin City: A Dame To Kill For will work as a film, but as an impersonation, it is clearly top notch: this thing looks and sounds exactly like the original, but somehow more so. The ridiculously noir-styled visuals and dialogue have unmistakably returned, and now there are, unbelievably, even more angry, craggy faces to match the similar rise in scantily-clad babes. I mean, jeez, when you're looking for a weathered duffelbag head, a gravelly voice, and single slit of pearly whites revealing nefarious intent beneath a cartoon villain mustache, traditionally you go with either Powers Boothe OR Stacy Keach. This has both! Whatever expense has been saved on color correction and actual backgrounds has clearly been blown on sinister motherfuckers.

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