'Smurfs' Already Getting Rebooted

March 12, 2014


Though originally "planned [as] a straight trilogy," as you no doubt noted from its dramatic arc, The Smurfs franchise will not be getting the third entry Sony once intended. Creatively bankrupt after Smurfs 2, now it's getting a reboot, so it can start over and make a new life for itself in the woods. The new film will reportedly abandon the Smurfs-in-the-city of the last couple efforts, returning the characters to their mushroom home origins in a purely animated adventure Neil Patrick Harris won't even have to show his face in. The studio's hope is to reverse the series' trend toward falling profits after the second film grossed only 60% of what the original did. It's not yet clear if Sony hopes to reverse the series trend of being the movie equivalent of cat food smell.

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