Watch 'The Giver' Trailer, Unless You Already Read It for Book It! This Year

March 19, 2014


As was only inevitable--what with all the Hunger Gaming, Diverging, and Maze Running we've been doing--now we've got an adaptation of The Giver, the young-adult bestseller that, for many of us, first introduced the now-common concept that a very unique and brave teenager is the cure for futuristic dystopia. Jeff Bridges stars in the title role, as that old guy on the cover who I always assumed would be played more like a rabbi. Meryl Streep plays the chief elder, Taylor Swift plays the Giver's daughter, newcomer Brenton Thwaites plays our hero teen, and Katie Holmes gets way too meta to play the mother who enables the controlling society's cult-like rules despite what it might mean for her child. Here's the trailer:

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