Zack Snyder Reveals He Was the True Hero of 'Watchmen'

March 3, 2014


The accumulated vitriol and reviews foamed up about his waist, director Zack Snyder will look up and shout that his Watchmen was far better and smarter than it's been given credit for. And producer Joel Silver will look down and whisper, "No."

Then he'll say, "Oh God. I mean, Zack came at it the right way but was way too much a slave to the material. [Terry Gilliam's aborted attempt at Watchmen] was a MUCH much better movie." That's what Silver said in a recent interview with ComingSoon, who asked him about Gilliam's stab at adapting the legendary comic book, and now Snyder has responded to defend himself and a film he says he made "to save from the Terry Gilliams of this world."

"If you read the Gilliam ending, it's completely insane," he told The Huffington Post, referring to Gilliam's hugely not a slave to the material take, which had Dr. Manhattan going back in time to stop his own existence and participation in the central plot.

"Yeah, the fans would have stormed the castle on that one. So, honestly, I made Watchmen for myself. It's probably my favorite movie that I've made. And I love the graphic novel and I really love everything about the movie. I love the style. I just love the movie and it was a labor of love. And I made it because I knew that the studio would have made the movie anyway and they would have made it crazy. So, finally I made it to save it from the Terry Gilliams of this world." The evil Gilliam's weakness is utter tone deafness, so it was a pretty easy battle to win for our newly-pronounced hero.

As for Snyder's own deviation from the original story's finale, Snyder explained, "It's just using elements that are in the comic book already, that's the only thing I did. I would not have grabbed something from out of the air and said, "Oh, here's a cool ending" just because it's cool." Because Zack Snyder would never do something just because he thinks it's cool.

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