Amazon Makes Streaming Deal with HBO, AOL Makes Same with Miramax, You Will Not Be Blown Away by Either

April 23, 2014


Amazon and AOL have made respective deals with HBO and Miramax to start offering their streaming content, so look out, Crackle, they're coming after the king!

Those hopeful that Amazon's deal will turn Prime Instant Video into HBO GO are going to be disappointed. The licensing agreement, which takes effect May 21, will reportedly only cover HBO's "classic" series and movies. Original programming like The Sopranos, Deadwood, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Band of Brothers, and John Adams will be available, but current hits like Game of Thrones, Girls, and the like won't hit the service until about three years after airing. In today's television and spoiler-obsessed climate, that's basically an eternity, but at least this will do if you've just been wanting to see whether Angels in America was literally about angels.

Similarly, AOL's ploy to get you to type "" into a browser again isn't exactly as all-encompassing as you might hope either. Variety reports that the deal with Miramax will bring literally "tens of films" to AOL's On Network--though, in fairness, those tens will apparently rotate monthly. Viewing will be free but supported by commercials. Alternately, they'll just mail you a disk with fifty free hours of Good Will Hunting.

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