Dexter Gets Back to Murdering Criminals in 'Cold in July' Trailer

April 21, 2014


Here's the trailer for Cold in July, Michael C. Hall's first post-Dexter project, and one that once again sees him killing a criminal. Though this time he does have a dumber haircut.

Hall stars a man who loads up his revolver and shoots a would-be burglar, as is the American way. The cops praise the death of a felon, but the robber's ex-con father Sam Shepard is understandably less enthusiastic. He starts terrorizing the Dexter family--horror movie-style, suddenly appearing bedside, illuminated by the crack of lightning--so Hall does the logical thing: he calls in Don Johnson. Further complicating matters, it seems that Shepard's son may not have actually been the guy Hall shot. The police are just making that up for some reason. Probably so that they could get Sam Shepard and Don Johnson in a movie together before Tarantino does.

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