Hans Zimmer To Write Ben Affleck a New Batman: The Song

April 15, 2014


Man of Steel and Dark Knight trilogy composer Hans Zimmer has confirmed he will return to write another set of songs to wear capes to. Speaking to Digital Spy, Zimmer revealed he'll be doing the somehow still-untitled Batman v. Superman movie, saying, "We've already had a couple of chats, and once I finish [Christopher Nolan's Interstellar] I will probably head over to where Zack is shooting his movie and just hang out a bit and see if we can come up with any ideas."

Though you'd figure the composer of three Batman films would already have enough ideas for Batman songs, it turns out Zimmer wants to do something all-new for an all-new Affleck. "I don't want to betray, if that's the right word, the Dark Knight movies," he explained. "That was Christian, it was Christian's role." And now that it's Ben Affleck's role, we need a new theme to reflect that. Maybe an instrumental version of Boston's "More Than a Feeling."

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