iPod Billionaire: Danny Boyle in Talks to Make Steve Jobs Movie with DiCaprio

April 22, 2014


With David Fincher walking away from Sony's Steve Jobs film for pay reasons, the studio has found a replacement in Danny Boyle, the cheaper but a little less stylish iPhone 5c you get after your lose your 5S. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Boyle is in talks to direct Aaron Sorkin's script about the Apple figurehead, and he's already got a lead in mind: his The Beach star Leonardo DiCaprio.

The trade cautions, however, that this isn't a done deal. DiCaprio has merely been approached by the director, and the film may not fit in his schedule, as he's already committed to shoot Iñárritu's The Revenant this fall. Still, he does seem a good fit for the part. Few others so share Jobs' love of constantly updating with new, better-looking models.

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