It Might Be Time for Sandra Bullock To Sell Some Tupperware

April 29, 2014


Sandra Bullock may shift from the vastness of space to another place only rarely explored by man, the Tupperware party. The Gravity star is reportedly eyeing the lead in a still-untitled film about Tupperware icon Brownie Wise. While Wise didn't invent the product--that was a guy named Tupper, naturally--she was the one who came up with having parties to sell them, popularizing the brand and securing her spot as the first ever woman on the cover of Business Week. It wasn't even their annual Sexiest Salespeople issue! The script is based on Bob Kealing's nonfiction book Tupperware Unsealed, and The Help director Tate Taylor is attached to direct. I just hope this doesn't spoil the inherent mysterious glamour of burping, sealable plasticware.

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