Leftover Peeps To Be Tossed Unwanted into Theaters

April 23, 2014


Those colorful, near-shapeless little piles of largely-detested fluff will soon be coming to theaters--presumably in a very similar form. As inevitably as they end up in Easter baskets, Peeps are being developed into the animated feature film that of course someone is making. That someone: Small Soldiers and Underdog writer Adam Rifkin, who just optioned the film and television rights for the sweetened lumps from candy company Just Born, Inc.

peepmlk.jpgSince The Lego Movie just made a case for this kind of something-from-nothing brand-based filmmaking, the movie is already being pitched in that loosely bird-shaped mold. According to Deadline, Rifkin is basing the film on what is apparently a trend of making Peeps dioramas. (Note the adjacent, very real recreation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, which this year won the Washington Post's hard-hitting Peeps diorama contest.) The script will see a lone hero Peep who, displaced from its diorama, must journey through various other historical scenes--a sugar-coated Kennedy assassination, marshmallow 9/11, etc.--on its way home.

The project does not yet have studio backing. Assumedly, interest will pick up in a few more days, around the time a "remaining black jelly beans at the bottom of the bag" movie starts sounding like it's worth a try.

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