Live-Action Barbie Movie To Make the Dreamhouse a Reality

April 23, 2014


Perhaps finally granting motion to unrealistic body image, Sony Pictures has closed a deal with Mattel to make a movie based on Barbie. According to Deadline, the film is being developed as a live-action comedy, as Barbie has really always been about the laughs. For the film, those will come from what at least a marginal self-awareness of the character: Barbie's various and sundry careers will be acknowledged, and she'll use that experience to help others--"almost like a modern-day Mary Poppins."

The script is being written by Jenny Bicks, who last wrote Rio 2 but previously wrote for the fashion-obsessed on Sex and the City. Like with the Jem movie, producers are looking to cast unknowns in the roles of the disproportionate dolls. Notify the Russian living Barbie and any smooth and hairless eunuchs.

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