'Nazareth' Miniseries Probably Not About the Band

April 25, 2014


With some vocal members of the Christian right freaking out about Cosmos and its reliance on things that are actually science, Fox will finally toss them some Jesus with the event miniseries Nazareth. Said to focus on the life of Christ, NOT on the awesome dolphin-horse-riding robo-jockey on the cover of Nazareth's The Fool Circle, the program is reportedly being written by Gladiator and Jumpin' Jack Flash writer David Franzoni.

The project comes in on the wake of many other recent development deals for Jesus, including The Bible miniseries (and its theatrical version, Son of God), God's Not Dead, Heaven Is for Real, the upcoming Left Behind remake, and an adaptation of First Phone Call from Heaven. But that only makes sense. As everyone knows, the media is run entirely by a bunch of dirty Kirk Camerons.

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