New Documentary Will Make You Question Everything You Trusted About 'Star Trek: Voyager'

April 8, 2014


She starred in seven seasons of Star Trek: Voyager, yet only now has Kate Mulgrew crossed a line in saying crazy, made-up shit about what's going on in space. She narrates The Principle, a new documentary that, true to its bullshitty sounding title, is indeed quite the bullshit.

The trailer below (via) is somewhat vague about the full thesis, but judging by some peripheral information, it would seem that the film is arguing for the long-ago dismissed geocentric model of the universe. Orange is the new black, and apparently Earth is the new cosmic center-point. We're the best! And so conveniently located.

The official synopsis begins with, "Everyone knows that the ancient idea of Earth in the center of the universe is a ridiculous holdover from a superstitious age, right?" It continues: "Well....prepare to be shocked!" Because "one of the most controversial films of our time" is arguing against that, and that is indeed kind of a surprising thing for a film made my modern humans to argue.

A number of respected scientists are interviewed to support the hilariously outmoded cause, among them Arizona State University professor and A Universe from Nothing author Lawrence M. Krauss. Well, he's already written a full piece on Slate to contest the film's insane thesis and express his displeasure with somehow being edited into sounding like a moron.

"For those of you who are scandalized that a film narrated by a well-known TV celebrity with some well-known scientists promotes geocentricism, here is my suggestion," he writes, "Let's all stop talking about it from today on." And so we shall. But just in case you want to hear Captain Janeway talk some shit, here's the trailer.

Mulgrew's is thus far totally silent on the debate.

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