Patrick Stewart To Star in Series from 'Bored to Death' Creator

April 29, 2014


Hist long-planned Bored to Death movie seemingly lost in a haze of pot smoke and white wine, Jonathan Ames is reportedly moving on to another premium cable program with Blunt Talk. Patrick Stewart is attached to star in at least two seasons of the series, which will air on Starz and not just consist of him and Ian McKellen hanging out, even if that's all anyone wants to watch him do at this point.

Stewart will play William Blunt, a Piers Morgan of sorts, a cable news interview show host hoping to impart his British sensibilities upon his American viewers. Beyond that, he has to deal with various ex-wives and their children, his bosses, and his staff, with his only support coming from "the alcoholic manservant he brought with him from the U.K." Ames created the series and will serve as executive produce, writer, and showrunner. Seth MacFarlane is also producing and hopefully not therefore voicing the British manservant as some kind of zany cartoon presence. But that sure seems more likely now, doesn't it?

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