Scarlett Johansson Becomes a Super-Powered Drug Mule in Luc Besson's 'Lucy' Trailer

April 2, 2014


Here's the trailer for Lucy, an action-thriller that marries Limitless and Maria Full of Grace with unmistakably A Luc Besson Film.

Like so many a Besson, the focus is a super sexy, super ass-kicking lady, Scarlett Johansson bringing her experience in being that to the title role. She doesn't start off super ass-kicking, though. At the outset, she's merely super sexy, waking up sexy and shirtless in a hotel room to find that she's had some overnight belly surgery. Turns out, some jerks sewed a bag of drugs into her to force her into being a mule. That bag ends up leaking inside her (never get the off-brand Ziplocs, drug smugglers), but that's fine, because these aren't normal drugs. These are magic brain power drugs! Now Black Widow can use more and more of her brain's potential. She can read books in seconds; she has awesome fighting skills; she can see information traveling through the air; she can morph into Angelina Jolie in Salt for some reason. Morgan Freeman co-stars as learned authority figure to assure us this is all scientifically sound.

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