See James Gandolfini's Final Performance, and a Cute Puppy, in 'The Drop' Trailer

April 2, 2014


In The Drop (formerly known as Animal Rescue), Tom Hardy puts on his New Yorker accent to work at one of Brooklyn's dwindling non-trendy bars. This bar is owned by James Gandolfini, so, naturally, it's got mob ties; his is the place where toughs bring their dirty money to funnel to other guys. Some jerks try to rob the place, and that ends up in a killing and also the rescue of a pit bull. Because what crime drama couldn't be improved with a puppy adoption event? Noomi Rapace co-stars, Gone Baby Gone, Mystic River, and Shutter Island novelist Dennis Lehane wrote the script, and this is the final performance from the late Gandolfini. Plus: doggy!

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