And Here Is Your Bat Affleck

May 14, 2014


It's what the E! Red Carpet of fanboys wonders every time there's a new superhero movie: but what is the star going to wear??? Now we have the answer for Bat Affleck with this first shot of Jennifer Garner's husband in costume for the Batman/Superman film. Zack Snyder revealed the look yesterday, but I was all-the-way sick and couldn't post it then. Sorry.

Anyway, since the first announcement for the film, Snyder has been referencing Frank Miller's seminal Dark Knight Returns story, and it looks like that's carried over into the new look. Like in Miller's drawings, this Batman looks extremely sturdy (nice job lifting things, Affleck), with a stockiness that carries over into his stout little ears and broad chest panel. For once, what's on screen will be pretty close to a comic book Batman. Except that the face will be the guy from Bounce.

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