Check Out How These Movie Posters Would Look if the Films Were Made Way Back When

May 27, 2014


As previously seen last January, Peter Stults's "what if" movie posters re-imagine modern films in an earlier era, with time-appropriate graphic design and cast/crew. π becomes a Woody Allen film with an assumedly zanier take on manic paranoia. The Dark Knight Rises turns into a '70s Scorsese film that pits Warren Beatty against an all-new De Niro misanthrope disgusted with Gotham. Godzilla would probably just be the original Godzilla, so Stults didn't do that one. It just wouldn't make sense. He did, however, do some other new ones, so have a look at some of those below. Show them to grandma and ask her if she remembers the films. If she says yes, then you know she really is a liar.





Full galleries over here and here!


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