Coen Brothers Finally Finishing Their Numbskull Trilogy, Probably

May 16, 2014


Clooney buffoonery at last comes to those who wait, hopefully, as Deadline reports that the Coen brothers are finally getting to work on the long-planned Hail Caesar. Long thought to be a closer to the directors' uneven "Numbskull Trilogy" (as seen previously in Intolerable Cruelty and O Brother, Where Art Thou?), the film is still described as a comedy but now comes with a very different logline than has previously been described.

While the Coens previously alluded to it starring Clooney as an old matinee idol making a biblical epic, now it's said to focus on Eddie Mannix, the real-life Hollywood fixer of the '50s who climbed the ranks and eventually became VP of MGM. Mannix was also still-arguably involved in Superman star George Reeves's death, which was deemed a suicide despite the fact that Reeves left no prints on the suicide weapon and had been sleeping with Mannix's wife. It's unclear how much of the real-life tale the Coens will stick to in their telling, nor is it yet certain if Clooney will still be in it. Jon Polito totally will be, though. That's not up for debate. Put your pencil mustache on, Jon.

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