Get Inside the Eyeball of Denzel Washington in First 'The Equalizer' Trailer

May 27, 2014


If you've been waiting for another entry to the Man on Fire genre--that genre being "Denzel Washington stoically saves a girl revenge fantasy"--good news: your wait is over, because here's the trailer for The Equalizer. The remake of the late '80s CBS series of the same name sees Washington take over the role of Robert McCall, a former covert ops guy who tries to make up for the sins of his past by helping others. In this case, the object of his altruism is Chloë Grace Moretz, a sex worker forced into the trade by the east coast division of the Russian mafia. Denzel is going to equalize all those guys. Plus, he's going to set his stopwatch for each of his fights, because his new schtick is that he tries to go for the best time in murdering all the bad guys. Denzel Washington has been playing stern badasses for so long now that, as this point, he's just going for speed runs.

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