Harry Anderson Foolishly Doubts Magic of God in 'Matter of Faith' Trailer

May 2, 2014


God's Not Dead did more than just establish, once and for all, that God, Dean Cain, and Kevin Sorbo are, in fact, not dead. Apparently, it also established that setting up an aging TV star as a professorial straw man, then knocking him down with the word of God, is an effective and oddly-profitable technique for making an antagonistic Christian film. As such, now we have A Matter of Faith, a film that pits Night Court's Harry Anderson against soap opera star Jay Pickett in a literal debate over whether an actual college should teach creationism in a biology class.

Anderson plays a biology professor who Pickett's daughter--one of the cutest freshmen some guys have see--considers a riot. As it turns out, what's so funny about him is more than just his rubber chicken prop comedy; he's also an evolutionist, hilariously believing in well-established theories based on scientific evidence and the evolution of Judge Harry Stone and DA Christine Sullivan's romance. Pickett finds out about this and approaches Anderson about teaching creationism alongside evolution. Arrogantly recognizing that that's a really stupid idea, the elitist professor instead decides that the two of them should have a debate on the issue.

Anderson figures he's got this one in the bag. He's a professor! His teaching is backed by facts! He was on Dave's World! Little does he know that what Pickett lacks in debate experience he makes up for in taking notes from the Bible. Plus, Dad sought the advice of Trivette from Walker, Texas Ranger, a bitter old retired veteran in the world of biology disinformation. Harry Anderson is going to look so stupid out there. And then he is going to Hell, with Darwin. But first, here's the trailer:


After all, if evolution were real, then where is the missing link between an actual beard and whatever is on that kid's chin? Answer that one, Harry Anderson.

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