Nicolas Winding Refn Making His 'The Shining'

May 15, 2014


Upon its announcement, The Bringing didn't sound like a very promising addition to the horror roster--mostly because it was an actual movie being called The Bringing. But that early skepticism has today turned to equally premature optimism thanks to another unexpected but less stupid name now attached to the project: Nicolas Winding Refn. According to Deadline, the Drive and Only God Forgives director is in talks to helm the project, which he apparently pursued himself after hearing about the spec script's purchase.

The story was inspired by--though not directly related to--the bizarre tale of Canadian student Elisa Lam and LA's Cecil Hotel. In the Cecil, where serial killers Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger famously laid their heads, Lam was caught on the elevator security camera acting scared and erratic before she was the next day found dead, somehow inside the rooftop water tanks. The project is being compared to The Shining and should prove a good fit for Refn, who, if nothing else, really knows how to segue an elevator freak-out into a horrific death:

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