Now You Can Cover Your Entire Body and Floor with 'The Shining' Carpet

May 2, 2014


Did you miss out on that The Shining knit cap? Well, good news: now you can make up for it with The Shining ski cap, cardigan, sweater, scarf, doormat, and area rug, at last unifying your body and home in autumnal hexagons and movie fandom. Mondo is releasing a 237 collection, a line of products based on the famously gaudy carpeting of the Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick's horror classic. They're all available for pre-order until the 10th, and they'll ship at the end of August, when the winds begin the chill and your descent into madness begins. As a bonus, when worn as a complete set, the apparel will reveal to you Kubrick's secret involvement in faking the moon landing. Plus, it's warm!

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