'The Simpsons' Built a Whole Lego Episode, and It Looks Pretty Strange

May 1, 2014


As we've all learned, when you step on a Lego, the Lego painfully steps back. In that tradition, now that there's a Simpsons Lego playset, so too is there a discomforting Lego Simpsons episode. It's strange in that the Lego-ized Simpsons are somehow less detailed than the actual Lego Simpsons that exist, but it's stranger still in that this isn't just the show's now-usual pop culture-referencing couch bit built to get passed around some blogs. This is a full episode, build around a big, fantasy existential crisis between man and toy-kinds--possibly drawing inspiration from Philip K. Dick, given the number of references sprinkled in The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop.

The trailer feels about as odd as that sounds:

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