Alan Alda To Be Best Part of Next Nicholas Sparks Film

June 6, 2014


Yesterday brought the trailer for The Best of Me, a Nicholas Sparks adaptation that tracked a passionate romance from youth to middle age. But with it came some big questions: Why was the elder version of the male lead played by James Marsden instead of Alan Alda? Shouldn't Alan Alda be in every movie? And while the answer to the latter is answered every time Alda appears on screen, now there's an answer to the prior as well. Turns out, it's because Alda is being saved for the next Nicholas Sparks film, The Longest Ride. He'll play an old man who, stranded and nearly unconscious after a car crash, manages to hold on by reliving the young romance with his deceased wife; meanwhile, a few miles away, another romance forms between a college coed tired of frat boys and a handsome bull rider whose career injuries endanger his life. In the juxtaposition of these two tales, we learn that Sparks is really stretching for ideas at this point.

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