'Ant-Man' Adds New Men 'Yes Man' Director and 'Anchorman' Writer

June 9, 2014


Good news if you hoped Ant-Man would be like Yes Man, only with bugs instead of affirmation. Marvel has finally replaced Edgar Wright on their shrinking superhero project, setting Yes Man's Peyton Reed to the task of delivering the film by next summer. Reed's slim feature film résumé contains only such made-to-be-rebroadcast-on-cable fare as The Break-Up, Bring It On, and Down with Love, but to his credit, he is uniquely suited to the job. Like Wright, he too was once attached to direct a Marvel property he abruptly departed--for Reed, it being the rotten Fantastic Four Tim Story ended up making in 2005. His corporately mis-managed superhero circle is at last complete.

Meanwhile, while Adam McKay turned down the directing job, he has apparently decided to take some of Marvel's money after all. The Anchorman writer-director will reportedly redraft the Ant-Man script, contributing his unique understanding of Ruddisms for star Paul Rudd. Even in a film about a shrinking man, Marvel won't rest until the most diminished presence remaining is Edgar Wright.

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