Chinese Company Demands Edits to 'Transformers 4'

June 23, 2014


Like virtually everyone who has ever seen a Transformers movie, a company in China thinks some changes could be made to the franchise. Specifically, they're demanding Paramount make some edits to the latest chapter, Age of Extinction, and they're asking their nation to suspend the film's release if those changes aren't made.

The owners of Pangu Plaza, a six-football-field-long dragon-shaped hotel, office and mall complex that is featured in the film reportedly claim that a sponsorship deal was not fulfilled. They paid $1.6 million to get their building featured heavily in the film's marketing, and now that it wasn't so much, they bitterly want all images of their properties and logos to be stricken from the film. Director Michael Bay has not yet commented on the matter but will assumedly respond, as usual, by blowing up their building.

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