FX To Replace Some 'The Strain' Billboards After Making Everyone Sick

June 30, 2014


FX has been forced to second-guess the classic advertising maxim, "sex sells, but so does a gross worm thing entering or exiting a human eyeball." The network's billboard campaign for The Strain--their upcoming Guillermo del Toro-produced vampire series--has apparently created a vocal outcry against the above image, which people are saying frightens children and is generally pretty awful to look at.

As The Wrap noted, Muppets director Nicholas Stoller is among the many who prefers charming puppets to a lengthy, translucent tendril puncturing a woman's sclera.

"Hey "The Strain" billboards: fuck you!" Stoller tweeted. "People have little kids in this city who don't want to be scared out of their goddamn minds."

Buzzfeed has collected even more first and second-hand accounts of hating the billboards, and that's finally forced FX to respond to the controversy.

"[We are] in the process of replacing the key art for The Strain on outdoor media in several locations," an FX representative told the site in a statement.

Meanwhile, the network remains silent and steadfast in their controversial new outdoor campaign for Two and a Half Men.


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