Gay Marriage Debate To End in Third 'Father of the Bride'

June 16, 2014


Like so many aging fathers, Father of the Bride is reportedly going to broadcast its worrisome take on gay marriage whether we want it to or not. According to Nikki Finke, Father of the Bride series director and co-writer Charles Shyer is in talks to go ahead with a new chapter of the Steve Martin franchise.

The plan is for the sequel to to now see Steve Martin's son Matty, originally played by Kieran Culkin, come out as gay when he announces his engagement to a Navy SEAL's son. As previously seen in his visible anger in Martin Short and B.D. Wong's flamboyant antics, Martin "has problems with the whole gay thing," leading wife Diane Keaton to kick him out of the house until he can cool it with the homophobia. Yet another film pushing Hollywood's agenda to keep making Steve Martin comedies.

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