John Stamos Finally Gets His 'Hitch' with 'My Man Is a Loser' Trailer

June 3, 2014


Returning to his Full House roots, John Stamos is once again the suave guy dishing out advice to a world of broad sitcom characters in My Man Is a Loser. Michael Rapaport and Bryan Callen star as archetypical sitcom husbands--obnoxious, overweight, negligent turds married to women out of their leagues. Their wives rightly think they are losers! Don't worry, though: John Stamos's hunky appeal will redeem these irredeemable schlubs, just as it's sold the similar shapes of bland white mush that are Dannon Oikos yogurt cups. Counterintuitively, Sean Young co-stars as a psychotherapist. Here's the trailer:

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