Jupiter Not Ascending Any Time Soon

June 4, 2014


Though Jupiter Ascending has long been scheduled for a release this July 18, it seems we will not be seeing the summer sun glisten in Channing Tatum's bleached goatee. Warner Bros. is reportedly shifting the Wachowskis' film on its schedule, moving it dramatically to February 6, 2015. The studio is blaming the move on the film's 2000-plus special effects shots, which they claim wouldn't have been ready for the original date. And while they're quick to mention that the film now will come out in the same period as The Lego Movie, moving a film from a prime tentpole date to the beginning of the year may be a darker portent than they're letting on. Either way, July 18 still has Planes: Search & Rescue, so who the fuck cares about anything else?

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