Kevin Kline Goes Errol Flynn for 'The Last of Robin Hood' Trailer

June 24, 2014


Like the internet's infamous Peter Pan Guy, old Hollywood icon Errol Flynn was famed for both wearing green tights and almost certainly being a sex offender. In the '40s, the hard-partying Robin Hood star was accused of the statutory rape of two underage girls. Despite getting off on those charges, by the '50s, just before his untimely death, he was allegedly back on track to end up on trial again as he courted 15-year-old Beverly Aadland--even going so far as to campaign for her to star alongside him in the most on-the-nose Lolita adaptation. The Last of Robin Hood focuses on that story, featuring Kevin Kline as Flynn, Dakota Fanning as Aadland, and Susan Sarandon as the mom who did not do so well at protecting her daughter. This was apparently a time before mothers knew to not let their kids hang out with old drunks with creepy mustaches.

Here's the trailer:

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