Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' Has a Director

June 4, 2014


Though the issue of who's directing Ant-Man still isn't sorted out, Marvel has decided to procrastinate on that by focusing on their dubious career in magic. Variety reports that the studio has started moving forward on its long-rumored film about Doctor Strange, the flashy and magical Siegfried or Roy of the Marvel universe. Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and Hellraiser: Inferno writer-director Scott Derrickson is reportedly in talks to helm the film. Derrickson has seemingly confirmed the news with the above photo of himself peering seductively over an comic issue, coquettishly purring, "My next movie will be STRANGE."

Doctor Strange joins Ant-Man in Marvel's so-called "Phase Three," the regressive stage in which they return to that time in second grade when they were fascinated by magic and bugs.

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