Michael Bay Really Wants To Tell an Elephant Story

June 19, 2014


Michael Bay has worked with lumbering giants like the Transformers and The Rock, but there remains one ridiculously massive hole he hopes to fill in his résumé. It's an elephant.

The director long ago made his passion for preserving elephants known as something you could say was redeeming about Michael Bay. When Hugo Weaving snidely remarked on the meaninglessness of his voice work as Megatron, Bay suggested the actor the donate his check to charity, saying he would manage any funds given to elephant rescue group The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. And now, speaking to HitFix (via), Bay hinted that he may branch out into pachyderm-based filmmaking.

Asked if he had any other projects lined up, he replied, "I don't know. There's an African elephant thing that keeps ... I always wanted to do one of those stories." Such is how Michael Bay reveals that he's going to make a gritty and action-filled remake of Babar.

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