Netflix Now Calls Out Verizon When Streaming Is Slow

June 4, 2014


As shown in this screenshot from Yuri Victor, Netflix's newest, most exciting feature recommends whom to blame for shitty streaming. The company has apparently added a message to specifically call out Verizon when the network is slow, this following a public dispute with the ISP over being forced to pay a toll for Netflix's heavy internet traffic burden. Netflix chief communications officer Jonathan Friedland has confirmed the screenshot's authenticity, smugly tweeting, "we're always testing new ways to keep members informed." Verizon has reportedly commented back, saying, "This is a PR stunt. We're investigating this claim but it seems misleading and could confuse people," which is not that great of a comeback.

While the new message now lets users know who to hold responsible for poor video quality, Netflix thankfully still does not do any finger-pointing on the issue of why you spent all Sunday binge-watching bullshit.

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