Never Mind, 'Community' Not Headed to Hulu

June 24, 2014


The future of Community has returned to its natural state of extremely precarious uncertainty. Following news last month that Hulu might save the series from cancelation, TVLine has updated that information with the worrisome outcome expected by any Community fan. It seems Hulu and Sony Pictures Television have abandoned talks to save the show from its fate in the rapidly-filling sitcom dumpster behind NBC.

It's said the streaming service was "the only viable suitor courting the Greendale Gang," and that the actors' contracts only continue to the end of the month--effectively giving Community less than a week to find a new home. That said, an insider has apparently hinted that a new possibility may have arisen, saying, "Sony does not give up easily. A lot can happen in one week." I mean, come on, A Different World got six seasons. That should just be the standard for college-based sitcoms. With Donald Glover now doing other things, the next season can just lean more heavily on Dwayne Wayne.

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