'Pacific Rim 2' Coming in 2017

June 27, 2014


An unexpectedly awesome surprise--like a chain-sword that suddenly pops out of a robot forearm to cut a monster in half--Guillderm del Toro has officially announced development on Pacific Rim 2. Not only that, he says he's also developing the franchise into an animated series, both of these projected to arrive by April, 2017.

The news comes as something of a surprise given that it was less than a month ago that del Toro said the studio hadn't agreed to fund a sequel. Now, just a couple weeks later, it would seem they have, as the director's below video message appears on Legendary Pictures' official channel.

Details are still scant, but del Toro does promise, "More kaijus, more jaegers, kicking each other's butt." Which is nice, because that's literally everything anyone expects from a sequel to Pacific Rim. A kaiju fighting a giant, spectral Idris Elba apparition would just be gravy.

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