Shane Black 'Predator' Reboot Emerges from Cold Mud of the '80s

June 24, 2014


Nearly 30 years since he first contributed large vagina jokes to Predator as Hawkins, Iron Man 3 director Shane Black will now reboot the franchise. Ashes to ashes, mud to mud.

THR reports that Black will reunite with his old Monster Squad co-writer Fred Dekker for the film, writing a treatment that Dekker will script. It's said Black will "oversee" the screenplay and then direct.

Like the idea of remaking everything forever, the idea to have a Shane Black-styled Predator is not a new one. When the original film was just coming together in 1986, the studio even back then asked Black to re-write the script. He apparently refused, but Fox, hoping to yet earn his contribution, flew him down to South America and gave him a role. It's said that Black still didn't do it, instead using his down time to pen The Last Boy Scout, but it seems that, decades later, the studio and original producer John Davis are finally getting their way. As last they get their Shane Black Predator. Now if only they could also realize the dream of this being their Predator where Jean-Claude Van Damme is a big red bug.

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