'The Guest' Trailer Lets You Know Not To Have Dan Stevens as a Guest

June 26, 2014


In The Guest, a family loses their military son, and a handsome young man claiming to be a friend and fellow soldier shows up at the door to make sure everyone's okay. What a nice guy, right? No! It turns out he is not what a nice guy. Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens is doing way too much evil glaring to be a nice guy. This man will almost certainly be a very bad guest. He'll drink all the soy milk so no one has any for cereal. He'll spend forever in the shower in the morning, when he isn't even going to work or anything. He'll probably do more sinister things also. They really should have told this guest to get an Airbnb.

You're Next's Adam Wingard directs. Here's the first trailer:

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